Fall 2013 in Review: Mentorships

The ASP Professional Mentorship course connects students with a Christian mentor in DC.  Elizabeth Pitts pairs students with their mentors based on the students’ interest in having a mentor in a particular field, from a particular background, or in a particular stage of life.  Each mentor picks a book to read with his or her student and meets at least three or hour times a semester.  Our mentors (many of whom are ASP alumni) have interests and experiences that range as widely as our students do! To see a selected list of ASP mentors from the past seven years, please click here.


“Share Your Mentor Night” is a fun evening when students’ professional mentors come to the Dellenback for dessert and discussion. The students introduce their mentors, the mentors share advice and insight from their wealth of professional experiences, and we conclude with a time of networking and conversation. The students always leave with some pearls of wisdom!

Image  ASP alumnus (Sp96) and professional mentor James McCament talks with a handful of inquisitive students after attending one of ASP’s weekly Family Night Dinners.  James serves as the chief of the Office of Legislative Affairs for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.  He has been an ASP professional mentor for the past five semesters.

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