Internship Spotlight I: Fall 2017

Rebekah Mauer, Whitworth University

Rebekah Mauer internship
With previous experience in a family law practice, Rebekah was looking forward to exploring a new legal field at the DOJ’s Criminal Division.

I am excited to be interning at the Department of Justice, specifically in the Human Rights Special Prosecution (HRSP) section of the Criminal Division. As an undergraduate student, most of my tasks are researching historical events (rather than law and statutes as a legal intern would). Nonetheless, this does not make my work any less interesting!

I was worried that my job would be like your stereotypical internship– fetching coffee and doing lunch runs– it has been anything but! My tasks have varied from sitting in the Library of Congress’ reading room to conducting in depth online searches, all of which aid in the prosecution of international human rights violations.

Day to day, I speak with attorneys, historians, librarians, linguists, and specialists in fields that I did not even know existed before I started at HRSP. I have been so blessed with this opportunity and would encourage any future ASP’ers to apply!


Shelby Baumgartner, Biola University

Shelby Baumgartner internship
Shelby at a rally organized by her internship site, the Feminist Majority Foundation.

This semester, I am interning with the Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF), an organization focused on advocating for the empowerment of women through research and activism. My specific departments at FMF are Policy Research and Development and our Feminist Campus program, but all the interns do a little bit of everything around the office. A typical day for me at FMF includes doing research, prepping tweets for the Feminist Campus twitter, writing news stories or blog posts for the various FMF platforms, and attending rallies throughout DC.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I started my internship, but it has been such a growing experience for me. FMF is an intergenerational organization– our founder has been at the forefront of the women’s rights movement since the 1960’s and she works alongside women just out of college and with mothers of school-age children. Being in an environment where I am surrounded by so many women at different points in their careers has been a very formative experience for me. Every day is a reminder that it is okay to not know exactly where I am headed, that I am figuring it out as I go, and that I am fighting for the things I believe in the process.


Ian Snively, George Fox University

Ian Snively internship
Ian is able to combine both of his passions– political science and journalism– at the Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal.

I am interning with the Daily Signal, the multimedia news arm of the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think-tank that produces and promotes research on key policy issues. My primary daily tasks are conducting interviews and writing articles on a variety of topics, from politics to natural disasters.

In my time with the Daily Signal, I’ve not only expanded my knowledge of current political issues, but I am also growing in my understanding of public policy from a conservative perspective. I am meeting and speaking with politicians, listening to lectures from policy analysts, and fine-tuning my skills in research and writing. There are so many great learning opportunities and resources you can obtain from working at a think-tank, and there are hundreds in the city from across the political spectrum.


Want to have your own D.C. internship experience? Click here to start an application!

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