These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things: Spring 2018

The ASP Class of Spring 2018 has been in Washington, DC for just over two weeks. In that short amount of time– in addition to orientation and coursework– we have visited museums, toured the monuments at night, cheered on the Washington Wizards at a NBA game, volunteered with an after-school ministry, and have become experienced Metro riders.

Here are just a few of our favorite things about our time in DC so far:

The City of Washington

  1. “I love that wherever you go, the neighborhoods have a different feel. You can hop on the Metro, get off two stops later, and be in a completely different and unique neighborhood.” -Andrew Currier, Malone University
  2. “My favorite thing about DC is the history that is found in most of the buildings here. I love living in a place where major historical events have happened and are continuing to happen.” -Sophia Jimenez, Azusa Pacific University
  3. “I love running and seeing the beautiful, easy-to-navigate city. So far, I’ve seen 51 dogs on my runs! How life giving!” -Emiko Macaluso, Gordon College
  4. “Washington, DC is a very friendly area. I was surprised to find that it doesn’t have a big city feel. The atmosphere is welcoming.” -Shanell Nieuwendorp, Northwestern College


We’re Going Places

  1. “The different forms of transportation are quite interesting; using a bus, Metro, and bikes are all unique and fun ways to explore the city!” -Kurk Pyros, Southeastern University
  2. “The Dellenback Center [where we live] is located in the heart of the city, and is walking distance to almost all of the history that is available to explore.” -Hazal Senkoyuncu, Trinity Western University
  3. “I have been surprised by how quickly we have figured out the bus system.” -Anna Strothers, Northwest University
  4. “Worshiping with 4,000 other Christians in the packed National Cathedral!” -Cameron Walker, Olivet Nazarene University
  5. “My favorite thing about DC is being so close to so many exciting places to see and experience.” -Natasha Wilson, Corban University

Inside the beautiful Kogod Courtyard at the National Portrait Gallery. Pro tip: This is one of the quietest locations in DC– great for studying!

Building a Community

  1. “I have been (pleasantly) surprised by how quickly fellowship and friendship have formed among the group.” -Alex Leasure, Erskine College
  2. “This program is great! I love getting to know all of the other students from so many different places.  It is excited to explore this city with them.” -Amanda Stevenson, Erskine College
  3. “This semester, I am most excited about my internship, living on my own in a new place, and connecting with other young professionals.” -Diana Gutierrez, Azusa Pacific University
  4. “I came into the program a little worried about how I only knew one other person here. But I have been pleasantly surprised at how well we have all gotten along in such a short amount of time.” -Caleb White, Malone University


Internships and Mentorships

  1. “I am looking forward to starting my internship with the office of Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO).” -Andrew Franklin, East Texas Baptist University
  2. “Some things that make me excited about DC and the program are my internship with Representative Jeff Duncan (SC), the richness of the history in this city, and how many new things there are to try!” -Erin Harrison, Southern Wesleyan University
  3. “I am excited about the chance to work with and be mentored by Christian leaders in nation’s capital.” -Chanel Odom-Jones, Trinity Christian College
  4. “What makes me excited about the American Studies Program are the opportunities to make a difference while learning from experienced professionals at our internships.” -Samuel Tsuma, Oral Roberts University

We got free t-shirts at the Washington Wizards’ game!

[L to R] Amanda Stevenson (Erskine College) and Shanell Nieuwendorp (Northwestern College) listen as Alex Leasure (Erskine College) describes his secret phrase in Fishbowl.

[L to R] Emiko Macaluso (Gordon College), Amanda Stevenson (Erskine College), Shanell Nieuwendorp (Northwestern College), and ASP Program Administrator Hannah Wasco, outside the White House.
Catching the sunset the from roof of the Dellenback Center! [L to R: Kurk Pyros (Southeastern University), Sophia Jimenez (Azusa Pacific University), Erin Harrison (Southern Wesleyan University), Cameron Walker (Olivet Nazarene University), Alex Leasure (Erskine College), and Andrew Currier (Malone University)]


Want to have your own favorite thing in DC? Click here to start an application!

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