Internship Spotlight II: Spring 2018

Sophia Jimenez, Azusa Pacific UniversitySophia Jimenez, internship

I am interning for Congresswoman Mimi Walters (CA-45). She is a rising political figure, and so it has been a great experience to be around the fast-paced environment of her office. During my time here, the Congresswoman has created an amendment to a bill (the Walters Amendment) that will help the victims of online sex trafficking receive restitution. The amendment has been applauded by human rights organizations for the protection that it will provide victims, namely young girls who have been manipulated into trafficking online. I am honored to be part of an office that pursues justice and prosecutes its offenders.

Interning on the Hill has allowed me to be in the middle of all the political action. As an intern, you are able to attend congressional briefings with some of the most influential senators and representatives. These experiences have helped me to stay in-the-know about the most pressing issues at home and abroad. I was surprised at the amount of access that an intern receives in the Capitol building and the House and Senate buildings. Interns are granted authorization into nearly every office, providing a direct connection to some of the most powerful offices in the country.


Kuriakos Pyros, Southeastern University

Kurk Pyros, internshipThe American Studies Program has provided an excellent opportunity for me to gain real world experience, and I’ve greatly enjoyed my time as the K-12 Education Intern at the Philanthropy Roundtable (TPR). As a non-profit advocacy organization, TPR helps philanthropists find productive and effective methods for educational improvement donations. I’ve completed research on over 100 donors in the philanthropic space to provide demographic and personal backgrounds. My research has been used in context of a national forum in Memphis, Tennessee where over 150 TPR members gathered to discuss the next steps in educational philanthropic giving.

Lessons that I’ve learned from these experiences are not only applicable in my future career, but also apply to my personal and relational development. Research has taught me to manage my time well and to develop an effective work ethic. I think I’ve learned a lot from simply being in the professional work space, which is something I couldn’t learn in a classroom. Workplace culture and interactions were a big learning curve for me in the beginning of the semester, and I’m grateful for the support from ASP and the feedback from my supervisors who have helped me grow as an intern and a person.


Cameron Walker, Olivet Nazarene UniversityCameron Walker, internship

During my time in DC with the American Studies Program, I have had the privilege of interning at the Washington National Cathedral, in the Department of Cathedral Programming. My time thus far has included planning special events for Black History Month, working with the Cathedral’s Veterans Ministry, and running a week-long series of programming that we call Seeing Deeper. In my work, I have also had the distinct honor of meeting renowned authors and speakers, including Brené Brown and Senator John Lewis. It has been both daunting and thrilling to work in a place that is known as a “Spiritual Home for the Nation,” especially as we planned a sold-out vigil the night before the “March for Our Lives” in Washington.

While I get to work in the sixth largest cathedral in the world, I am also proud to call the Cathedral my home church here in DC. Nothing has been more special than attending a noon service during my lunch break and then evensong every day after work. My supervisor recently reminded us in a staff meeting that the work we are doing is for the Kingdom of God, as every employee is helping the Cathedral family to work as the hands and feet of Jesus. As my time at the Cathedral becomes shorter and shorter, I am reminded of how blessed I have been to spend this semester working for this “House of Prayer for All People.”  I will be forever grateful for this experience, interning in one of the holiest places I have ever encountered.


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