Internship Spotlight: Ellie Murphy

In order to learn about what our students think about their internships, we like to hear directly from them. Gabrielle Murphy, a student from Olivet Nazarene University, is currently interning on Capitol Hill in a Congresswoman’s office.

Ellie Headshot
Ellie’s office asked her to attend an event at the Supreme Court.

Where are you currently interning and what is the day to day like in the office?

I have the privilege of interning in the office of Congresswoman Jackie Walorski. Each day is different is the office, but it is always exciting! When Congress is in session, one can expect to go from briefings to collecting signatures from other Representatives to delivering paperwork to the cloakroom, or even sitting in on hearings for the Ways and Means Committee. When Congress is in recess, one can expect to be communicating with constituents and preforming policy research. 

What has surprised you about working on the Hill?

I was definitely not expecting such a sense of community on the Hill. Oftentimes, D.C. is depicted as overly competitive. But there is a feeling of inclusiveness within my office, and you feel as though you are a part of a little family. I learned quickly that the Hill is a very small place, and you will get to know many individuals from various sectors of the legislative branch during your time here. The Hill also has a strong Christian presence with plenty of Bible studies and briefings that tackle how faith and policy intersect. 

What would you want future ASP students to know before they arrive in D.C.?

Prior to coming to D.C., students should know they will be challenged professionally, spiritually, and emotionally. This time is unlike a typical college semester. You are learning firsthand what it means to live on your own, but with the benefits of being in a community. This will be the most transformative semester of your college career, and will help you to answer some of the deeper questions of your identity and vocational goals that are sure to surface. Develop meaningful relationships both at the Dellenback and at your internship, explore everything the city has to offer, and know that you are not here by accident!

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