Internship Spotlight: Rebekah Choi

In order to learn about what our students think about their internships, we like to hear directly from them. Rebekah Choi, a student from Gordon College, is currently interning at TUSK Digital, a DC-based marketing firm.

Rebekah Choi digital advertising firm internship
Rebekah’s internship allows her to work in one of DC’s many coworking spaces.

I entered ASP as a senior (double-majoring in Sociology and Communication Arts at Gordon College) thinking that my marketing agency internship was well-aligned with the road I might consider taking after graduation. The one question I had coming in was whether I wanted to choose a career in academia (involving going to grad school to further my studies in Communication) or a career in more of an applied approach to my communications degree — which, I thought, was going to be marketing. But on our weekly field visits with my fellow Strategic Communication classmates, we met communication professionals in all different types of industries ranging from journalism at the Washington Post to nonprofit advocacy at the ONE Campaign.  These perspectives broadened my perception of the many different paths one can take as a communication major.

Furthermore, having the chance to intern for an entire semester, Monday through Thursday, has helped me realize that working at a marketing agency might actually not be my most preferred career path. The dilemma between grad school vs. marketing has been replaced by many more questions upon realizing that there are so many more options out there for a Sociology and Communication Arts double major! ASP provided rich opportunities and connections for me to learn more about how my studies might translate into a career and to further explore my interests and passions. I may be leaving with more questions than when I entered, but I am happy with them because I now know what to ask — questions such as:

  • How do I see my majors contributing to the kind of career I want — rather than wondering what sort of career my majors limit me to?
  • What type of work environment do I thrive best in, and what kind of work-life balance do I seek?
  • Who can I connect with to learn a realistic understanding of a career path I am interested in?
  • And, as always, how do I see it all contributing to the holistic narrative of shalom?

The experiential learning approach ASP has provided — living, working, walking, grocery shopping, breathing, and thriving in the fascinating and complex city of Washington D.C. — has been monumental to my undergraduate experience. Learn more about ASP if you’re looking to approach what you learn in the classroom  in a beautifully messy, nuanced real-world setting.

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