Student Life Spotlight: Andrea Rice

In order to learn about what our students think about their time in DC, we like to hear directly from them. Andrea Rice, a student from Westmont College, is currently interning at the Center for Public Justice.Andrea headshotThe American Studies Program has provided an amazing opportunity for me to live, work, learn, and develop community in Washington D.C. Before I arrived, I was excited but still nervous, and had endless questions. What would this semester bring? Would I like my internship, would I make friends, would I be successful? I was worried about my transition into D.C., and how I would create a community in such an unfamiliar place. I was intimidated to come to a city filled with so much action, and was not sure exactly where to begin in making sure my semester was successful. However, ASP equipped me for the best semester possible, with an amazing group of people who made my experience so memorable. If you are worried about transitioning into Washington D.C., trust that there are plenty of resources through ASP, and people who are excited to help you thrive not only in this city, but in your future as well.

The first day I arrived at the Dellenback Center for move in day, I knew I had made the right choice in coming to D.C. The program leaders were so helpful in making everyone feel comfortable in their new home. Located on Capitol Hill, our apartments are a perfect location to experience the diversity of D.C. life. Almost immediately this place became home for not just myself, but for my roommates as well. The Dellenback Center provides such a unique, safe place for students to have fun or relax with one another after a day at work. I soon recognized I could do really well in D.C., whether that be in my classes, internship, or relationships.

The ASP community is so special, and were there for me every step of the way. The first few weeks, we were all so nervous about starting our internships, but soon realized that D.C. was full of interns just like us. We quickly developed a close community, and explored our new city together. ASP’s community development engaged me in all areas of D.C. life, so I felt more prepared to explore everything this city had to offer, especially in learning how to navigate the Metro!

My experience in Washington D.C. has completely exceeded my expectations, and I am thrilled to take this experience home with me. I grew in tremendous ways through my classes, spirituality, and professional development. I am so thankful for the people I met, and long term relationships I have built as a result of diving into the beautiful community here. This semester, I learned you do not have to know exactly what you want to do, or if D.C. is for you. You simply just have to be. Let this experience in D.C. shape you, and step into the doors God has opened. I promise you will not regret it.

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