Internship Spotlight: Rebekah Choi

In order to learn about what our students think about their internships, we like to hear directly from them. Rebekah Choi, a student from Gordon College, is currently interning at TUSK Digital, a DC-based marketing firm. I entered ASP as a senior (double-majoring in Sociology and Communication Arts at Gordon College) thinking that my marketing agencyContinue reading “Internship Spotlight: Rebekah Choi”

Internship Spotlight: Ellie Murphy

In order to learn about what our students think about their internships, we like to hear directly from them. Gabrielle Murphy, a student from Olivet Nazarene University, is currently interning on Capitol Hill in a Congresswoman’s office. Where are you currently interning and what is the day to day like in the office? I haveContinue reading “Internship Spotlight: Ellie Murphy”

Internship Spotlight II: Spring 2018

Sophia Jimenez, Azusa Pacific University I am interning for Congresswoman Mimi Walters (CA-45). She is a rising political figure, and so it has been a great experience to be around the fast-paced environment of her office. During my time here, the Congresswoman has created an amendment to a bill (the Walters Amendment) that will helpContinue reading “Internship Spotlight II: Spring 2018”

Internship Spotlight I: Spring 2018

Andrew Currier, Malone University I am interning at Habitat for Humanity International as a Global Advocacy Intern. The work I do revolves around advocacy on a global scale. We are working on guaranteeing land rights to people around the world who are in need of affordable housing. The first step in getting this housing isContinue reading “Internship Spotlight I: Spring 2018”

Internship Spotlight II: Fall 2017

Dagoberto Acevedo, Bluefield College I am interning at Active Minds, a non-profit organization that advocates for mental health awareness. I work in Speakers Bureau Department, where I assist with different outreach programs, construct a variety of visuals used by the organization, aid with any logistical work that is needed, and much more. The office environmentContinue reading “Internship Spotlight II: Fall 2017”

Internship Spotlight I: Fall 2017

Rebekah Mauer, Whitworth University I am excited to be interning at the Department of Justice, specifically in the Human Rights Special Prosecution (HRSP) section of the Criminal Division. As an undergraduate student, most of my tasks are researching historical events (rather than law and statutes as a legal intern would). Nonetheless, this does not make myContinue reading “Internship Spotlight I: Fall 2017”

Internship Spotlight II: Spring 2017

  Andrew Ramirez, Olivet Nazarene University I have the honor of interning in the Office of Enterprise Business Solutions (EBS) at the U.S. Department of Treasury. This office deals with the creation of website products, development, and data analytics. Because of the sensitive nature of my work, I actually can’t share specific details about itContinue reading “Internship Spotlight II: Spring 2017”

Internship Spotlight I: Spring 2017

Rolaine Castro, Fresno Pacific University This semester, I am interning for the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Our office is a federal organization that is in charge of investigating civil rights issues. I work with civil rights analysts, and we are currently evaluating the effect that excessive municipal court fines and fees have on theContinue reading “Internship Spotlight I: Spring 2017”

Internship Spotlight II: Spring 2016

Courtney Selle, Taylor University I am currently interning with the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP) Committee under the office of the chairman, Senator Lamar Alexander. In this internship, I am specifically working in the education office; however, I also assist with the other areas: health, labor and pensions, as well as work on tasksContinue reading “Internship Spotlight II: Spring 2016”

Internship Spotlight I: Spring 2016

Hannah Scheenstra, Vanguard University of Southern California This semester, I am interning on Capitol Hill with the House Armed Services Committee (HASC). I have the utmost respect for our men and women in uniform, and their willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom has triggered my interest in military affairs. Having my brother in the militaryContinue reading “Internship Spotlight I: Spring 2016”