Not Your Average Classroom: Fall 2017

One of the distinctives of the ASP curriculum is the opportunity to conduct fieldwork. Instead of receiving instruction solely inside the classroom and gathering material from the campus library (though, the Library of Congress is just a 10 minute walk away!), ASP students collect their research directly from the source: stakeholders in governmental offices, advocacyContinue reading “Not Your Average Classroom: Fall 2017”

Choose Your Track, Part I: Public Policy

The Public Policy Track— one of two tracks offered by the American Studies Program— places you in the middle of current, pressing public policy issues under debate on Capitol Hill. We focus on the political difficulties that policymakers face when economic, humanitarian, and rule-of-law or national security priorities come into conflict with one another. In order toContinue reading “Choose Your Track, Part I: Public Policy”

PPI: One Month Snapshot

ASP has 22 public policy students this semester, and they have done an outstanding job professionally engaging Washington, DC. The professional development process on the Public Policy Initiatives (PPI) track is an adventure. This semester, we are focusing on immigration policy in our first unit. Here’s a brief look at how we spent our first month.Continue reading “PPI: One Month Snapshot”

Staff Spotlight (and Official Welcome): Erin Cox

Erin Cox Public Policy Coordinator & Instructor Erin Cox is excited to be joining the ASP team this fall and looks forward in particular to working with the public policy track. She recently completed a Master of Public Policy degree at the George Washington University, with a concentration in immigration policy. Prior to moving toContinue reading “Staff Spotlight (and Official Welcome): Erin Cox”

Spring 2014 in Review: Academics

What were ASP students up to last semester before we launched the blog? Here’s a brief overview of the Spring 2014 semester!

Fall 2013 in Review: Public Policy Initiative

Students in the Public Policy Initiative track of ASP examine national issues through briefings and interviews with policy experts in think tanks, U.S. House and Senate offices, foreign embassies, advocacy groups, federal agencies, and international organizations.  Fall 2013’s group topic was Energy, and students spent class days out in the city as they gained on-the-groundContinue reading “Fall 2013 in Review: Public Policy Initiative”