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Community Guidelines

In order to promote beneficial and uplifting discussion and interaction online, the following policy is in place for all users of the American Studies Program (ASP) social media sites, including the “ASP in WashDC” blog and the American Studies Program’s Facebook and Twitter pages.  ASP social media moderators reserve the right (but not the obligation) to block and/or delete all comments and interactions that do not follow this policy:

BE RESPECTFUL – Don’t demean, defame, attack, bully, intimidate, or slander another person.  Don’t use obscenities.  Maintain the privacy of others—posts containing another person’s contact information or personal details will be deleted.  At no time should your posts contain anything abusive, sexist, racist, pornographic, or obscene.  Disagreement with another person’s opinion is to be expected, but always express your viewpoint with civility and kindness.

BE TRUTHFUL – Do not impersonate any one.  Do not post anything not your own, unless appropriately attributed.

BE RELEVANT – Do not post advertisements, promotions, solicitations, or irrelevant campaigns.  Make sure your comments actually address the subject of the post.


All spam posts will be reported.

Neither trolls (users who comment with the intention to antagonize and provoke others or whose comments are purposefully irrelevant to the subject of the post) nor those who engage with the trolls will be tolerated.

Please remember that all comments and posts from users are the responsibility of those users and reflect the opinions of the users—not those of the American Studies Program.

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