ASP at Acton University: Report from Gerry Hartis

After several years of getting encouragement from faculty at a number of CCCU campuses, I was finally able to attend Acton University, a three-day conference sponsored by the Acton Institute in Grand Rapids, June 18-20. The University serves to advance the Institute’s mission of “promoting a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty and sustainedContinue reading “ASP at Acton University: Report from Gerry Hartis”

Guest Post: “Top 5 Questions I’ve Gotten Since My Return from DC” by Stephanie Grossoehme

For ASP students, life in DC is life-changing.  They navigate a city, take on adult responsibilities, grow professionally through their internships, mentorships, and track work, and ultimately discover a lot about themselves.  Adjusting to life after ASP is often harder than one might expect.  How do you answer the dreaded “So, how was it?” question? HowContinue reading “Guest Post: “Top 5 Questions I’ve Gotten Since My Return from DC” by Stephanie Grossoehme”

Alumni Feature: Agaba Bisengo (Spring 2006)

A year ago I accepted a new job at Urwego Opportunity Bank (UOB) in Kigali, Rwanda, where I serve as the Transformation Advancement and Deputy Team Leader. I am in charge of donor relations and grant management. Prior to UOB, I worked as the Executive Assistant to the President of Institute for Global Engagement (IGE)Continue reading “Alumni Feature: Agaba Bisengo (Spring 2006)”