One Month in DC:Spring 2016

ASP Spring 2016 has been here just over a month! Here are a few things they have learned in D.C. so far.

I’ve learned “relationship building skills, more about myself, how to plan meals for the week and score free meals!” –Courtney, Taylor University

“Strangers are only friends waiting to be made.” –Sarah, Northwestern College (Iowa)


“I learned the importance of having confidence in myself, my unique experiences, skills, and abilities.  If you don’t cheer for yourself, who will?” –Adela, Messiah College

I’ve learned “how to be involved in community.”


“Public transportation isn’t as complicated as it seems — getting groceries, however, is.” –Rachel, Malone University

“I’ve learned to seek the Lord in times of change.” –Patrick, Taylor University

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“I may not be a politician, but I have power as a pedestrian.  I will exercise my power!” –Janet, Fresno Pacific University

I’ve learned “how to be confident in overwhelming situations; how to grocery shop; the value of having coffee with someone and hearing about their experiences.” –Cara, Olivet Nazarene University


I’ve learned “how to navigate the metro bus system.” –Sarah, Southeastern University

“Networking is important. You need to be confident and approach people, but you also need to be approachable, as well.” –Hannah, Vanguard University


“No story is too small to share.  No experience is too small to live.  No pizza is too big to eat.” –Ashley, Dordt College

“The right side of the escalator is for tourists, the left side for locals and commuters.” –Stephen, Northwestern College (Iowa)


First Two Weeks in DC:Spring 2016

ASP Spring 2016’s first two weeks in D.C. have been filled with making friends, getting to know the city, and dealing with snow! Scroll through some snapshots from the semester’s orientation.


Getting to know each other through Three Things

Bus Day 1

Exploring the neighborhood during Bus Day 1: Courtney Selle, Taylor University; Mckayla Henderson, Biola University; Rachel Parnell, Malone University; and Farnel Maxime, Gordon College


Apartment 9 ladies: Adela Antal, Messiah College; Hannah Scheenstra, Vanguard University of Southern California; Sarah Ooi, Messiah College; and Sarah Copeland, Southeastern University


Adela Antal (Messiah College) reads with a local elementary school student at Little Lights Urban Ministries {Photo credit: Little Lights}


Rachel Taylor (Messiah College) helps a local elementary school student with her homework at Little Lights Urban Ministries. {Photo credit: Little Lights}


Attending a Washington Wizards NBA game: Farnel Maxime, Gordon College; Mckayla Henderson, Biola University; Veronica Ibarra, Biola University; and Rachel Taylor, Messiah College


We got snow! Thanks to our dedicated students for helping to shovel out our offices and the Dellenback Center: Farnel Maxime, Gordon College; Sarah Ooi, Messiah College; Cara Champlin, Olivet Nazarene University; Adela Antal, Messiah College; and Sarah Wedel, Northwestern College.


All dressed up for the CCCU 40th Anniversary Gala!


ASP-Gordon College student Farnel Maxime with his president, Dr. Michael Lindsay, at the CCCU 40th Anniversary Gala

This morning, students are off to the first day of their internships.  Check back for updates on what they learn at work!

Internship Spotlights II: Fall 2014

As ASP heads into the last few weeks of internships, three students reflect on their experiences at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, the House of Representatives, and National Conference of State Legislatures.

Madison Carper 4

Madi Carper, Malone University

This semester, I am interning at the National Air and Space Museum in the Education department. Currently, my main projects involve researching topics for next year’s TechQuest, an alternate reality game at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center that allows participants to do hands-on learning about Cold War reconnaissance, and helping plan an event at the museum for an organization called Creative Mornings. I also get to attend various meetings around the museum departments, write lesson plans, and explore the archives for information about various artifacts involved in TechQuest.

madison carperSo far, the coolest thing I have done at my internship is participate in a brainstorming meeting for future exhibits in the museum. I was able to be included in the discussion and brainstorming activities just like the full time museum employees. Who knows, you might see one of my ideas as an exhibit one day!

My internship is such a rich experience that words cannot accurately describe it. I am able to visit iconic planes, such as the Enola Gay (the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb used in combat over Hiroshima, Japan) and Amelia Earhart’s Lockheed Vega 5B (the bright red plane that Earhart is known for). My internship days are full of joy because I get to be in the best museum in the world.

10710682_10154776314970585_6528598762682877192_nShaefer Bagwell, Biola University

This semester, I’m interning at the office of Congressman Ami Bera, from my hometown of Sacramento. During the time ramping up to our internships, so many speakers had great advice for us. One of the most important things they told us to do is simple — make sure that the staff in your office knows what you’re interested in. If it wasn’t for that advice, I would’ve missed out on one of the coolest parts of my internship so far.

Since coming to the American Studies Program, I’ve discovered an interest in international relations. Luckily, my congressman sits on the Foreign Affairs committee, so we have a staff member who is devoted to the work that the committee does. So, to follow the advice of our speakers, I told her about my interest. The next 2014-09-15 19.03.43day, she asked me if I would like to come with her to a meeting of the full committee. As we sat in the staff room off to one side, she poked her head through a door, then motioned to me. “If you go through this door,” she said, “there’s a seat right there. You can have a better view than on the staff TV.” It turned out that the seat she was referring to was on the dais behind the committee. Before I knew it, my face was on C-SPAN and I was making eye contact with John Kerry.

DC is full of opportunities like that. In my time here, I’ve seen ambassadors, senators, congressmen, governors, and the Vice President. I’ve been in a senator’s house! If you take some time, make your interests known, and pay attention to what’s going on around you, you can see stuff that’ll blow your mind.

NCSLMarion Githegi, Emmanuel College

As an immigration intern at the National Conference of State Legislatures, my office window overlooks the beautiful landscape surrounding Union Station. Prior to my first day “on the job”, I was a little apprehensive–as an intern should be–with my expectations being characterized as somewhat ambiguous. Little did I know that this experience was the ideal organization for a semester-long program focused on public policy.  Most internships primarily expose an intern to administrative work but not NCSL 2NCSL! In fact, during my first meeting with Ann Morse, the intern supervisor, her exact words were “at NCSL you’re not an intern, but you’re part of the team.” I thought she said this to be polite, but since then I have attended briefings both on the Hill and at various organizations, written memos for both briefings and conference calls, interpreted legislation to be read by state legislatures, and collated research information on current immigration issues from various non-partisan organizations. I could go on, but those tasks highlight some areas covered as an intern.

As an ASP student on the public policy track, I could not have asked for a more fitting internship program because everything I have learned in the classroom has directly translated into my duties as an intern at NCSL. To add icing on the cake, my supervisor Ann Morse is the most approachable, caring, down to earth, and genuine individual I have ever had the privilege of working for. This experience has been thoroughly enjoyable, and I would recommend it to anyone considering the public policy track!

Orientation Week: Fall 2014

2014-08-28 10.15.57

The Fall 2014 semester is off to a great start! Students from Biola University, Bob Jones University, Emmanuel College, Gordon College, Malone University, Messiah College, Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Olivet Nazarene University, Oral Roberts University, Palm Beach Atlantic University, Point Loma Nazarene University, Seattle Pacific University, Warner Pacific College, and Whitworth University arrived August 28th–and have stayed busy ever since! From orientation to neighborhood engagement to classes to monument walking tours to community events to scavenger hunts, ASP students and their WJC classmates have been getting to know their new community in exciting ways.

2014-08-29 11.35.41

A Bus Day group presents their excursion to the rest of the class.

Kaitlyn Stump’s Bus Day group presents their excursion to the rest of the class.

The first weekend of the semester included a group scavenger hunt or “Bus Day,” giving the opportunity to explore different parts of the city.

Suzanna Bregar of Malone University said that the scavenger hunt was her favorite part of the semester so far.  “I liked that we were broken up into small groups.  It was easier to get to know people.  I also liked exploring the city, missing the bus, or waiting forever for a different bus!”

“My favorite part was the Marine Barracks parade, particularly the silent platoon,” said Kaitlyn Stump also from Malone University.  “Their discipline was extraordinary; they were so in sync without any verbal commands.”

S'mores night on the back patio [From left, Shaefer Bagwell {Biola University}, Collin Callhan {Biola University}, Trenton Pouncy {Oral Roberts University}, Chris Rednour {Mount Vernon Nazarene University}, and Justin Botejue {Whitworth University}]

S’mores night on the back patio [From left, Shaefer Bagwell {Biola University}, Collin Callahan {Biola University}, Trenton Pouncy {Oral Roberts University}, Chris Rednour {Mount Vernon Nazarene University}, and Justin Botejue {Whitworth University}]

Monument walking tour with RD James Kim

Monument walking tour with RD James Kim

Becoming part of the monument at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

Becoming part of the monument at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial


Apartment 5 organized a potluck brunch for the rest of the Dellenback!

Later this evening, ASP is attending a Nationals baseball game at Nats park.  Alexander Hayes of Warner Pacific University comments, “If you don’t have fun here, you won’t have anywhere else!”