Internship Spotlights I: Fall 2014

ASP students have only been at their internships three weeks, but they’re already busy! Read on for reflections from four students interning at the Department of Justice, American Enterprise Institute, and the U.S. House of Representatives.


Justin Botejue, Whitworth University:

“I am a legal intern at the Department of Justice – Office of Legislative Affairs, in the Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Main Building.  The Office of Legislative Affairs (OLA) is a very busy office where we are the bridge between the Justice Department and Congress.  Part of my responsibilities include correspondence, referrals, and legal research for Members of Congress and their staffers with any requests and questions that they have.  The nature of my work is classified as confidential, but I am working on projects for Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik and compiling and researching projects for the attorneys at the OLA. I cannot imagine a better 10641296_831233700240735_5135991796745598034_ninternship fit than the DOJ-OLA! It’s certainly challenging ‘brain’ work that leaves me exhausted at the end of the day, but I am learning, seeing, and doing more than any expectation that I had coming in. The attorneys at the office are very helpful, kind, and supportive, and I even sit by one at church at National Presbyterian Church! It was only my third day on the job when Attorney General, Eric Holder, resigned from his position–truly, there cannot be a more interesting time to be in the office!”


internship 6Diana Nesukh, Warner Pacific University:

“On the first day of my internship, I felt extremely out of my league. I was interning in the House of Representatives – was it real life? My Congressman (Elijah Cummings) is the Ranking Member on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee and is on the Select Committee on Benghazi. Naturally, my first day was also the first day of the Benghazi hearings. My supervisor gave me a brief synopsis of my duties in the first half hour and then basically threw me in the deep end. Surprisingly, listening to people yell on the phone was not the worst part of that day. The worst part was my choice in footwear. I quickly realized heels were not optimal for my job. Not only were the floors exceptionally waxed that day, making every step slippery, but I toured all three House office buildings and Capitol which gave me huge blisters. That wasCong. Cummings the first and definitely last day of wearing heels to work (I stick with flats now). The best part of my internship thus far, however, has actually been outside of the office. I was able to attend the Congressional Black Caucus Reception where I totally felt like a VIP. I met a ton of important people, ate delicious food, danced, and got a great picture with the Congressman. I have been at my internship for about three weeks now and the novelty of the Hill has still not worn off!”



Internship 1Emily Hardman, Palm Beach Atlantic University:

“Hi, my name is Emily Hardman and I am interning at the American Enterprise Institute. I am working in the Political Corner on polling data for AEI scholar Karlyn Bowman. So far my work has included researching polling data on American Opinion on Affirmative Action, American Opinion on births out of wedlock, and American Opinion on negotiating with terrorists for hostage ransoms. This morning I heard television journalist and former CNN correspondent Campbell Brown discuss her upcoming lawsuit with the state of1001141104 New York regarding outdated teacher tenure policy. This afternoon I will be finishing up my Affirmative Action research for the department to send to a client. I am enjoying the pertinent and varied work here at AEI!”




Internship 2Chris Rednour, Mount Vernon Nazarene University:

“I am interning in the Congressional Office of Speaker of the House John Boehner. My daily duties consist of sorting constituent mail, sending and receiving flags flown over the Capitol that are requested from constituents, and giving tours of the Capitol. Along with these daily duties, I frequently get special assignments from the office aides that keep the days interesting. Working in the Speaker’s office has been thrilling, as I have gotten the chance to attend cool andinternship 3 important events, meet the Speaker, and spend a good amount of time in the halls of our nation’s Capitol. One cool event I got to attend, for example, was his Backyard Barbeque event! My experience thus far has been only positive and has made Capitol Hill even more attractive than I had thought possible.”



ASP internship sites are as diverse as our students’ interests! For a full list from the past seven years, please click here.

Networking and Community: Fall 2014

Family Night Dinner is one of ASP’s favorite traditions.  Each Monday evening, students, staff, alumni, and guests gather for a community meal prepared by Resident Director James Kim.  It’s a great way to fellowship, catch up with alums, network–and, for students, get the one meal out of the week that they don’t have to prepare themselves! This past Monday, we were joined by several DC professionals serving as mentors this semester.  ASP’s mentorship course allows students the opportunity to build relationships with ASP’s vibrant community of alumni and friends of the program.  ASP mentors are established leaders in their respective fields with at least 7 years of professional experience and are thoughtful Christians who take seriously the ideas of vocation and calling.

2014-09-08 19.06.38

Rachel Trego [in navy] talks to ASP student Alex Hayes (Warner Pacific University). Ms. Trego currently serves as an international economist for the Foreign Agricultural Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  Her previous work included serving as an agricultural officer with USAID and as a Habitat for Humanity construction crew leader.  Ms. Trego is mentoring Kaitlyn Stump (Malone University).

2014-09-08 19.08.01

David Alexander [second from right] speaks with several ASP and WJC students, including the student he is mentoring, Trenton Pouncy (Oral Roberts University).  Mr. Alexander has served for the past six years as Senior Attorney at the Board of Governance of the Federal Reserve System.  His practice focuses on financial regulation and the banking industry.  Prior, Mr. Alexander was employed at BOK Financial, where he handled commercial credit administration.

2014-09-08 19.11.49

Adam Kincaid spends time with Chris Rednour (Mount Vernon Nazarene University), whom he is mentoring this semester.  Mr. Kincaid is the Special Projects Director at the Republican National Committee.  He is responsible for election forecasting (turnout, vote method, outcome, etc.), polling, and targeting.

2014-09-08 19.13.57

Student Marion Githegi (Emmanuel College) [left] and ASP faculty member Gerry Hartis [right] eat dinner with guest Jared Noetzel, Evangelical Engagement Fellow at Bread for the World.

2014-09-08 19.06.58

Melissa Steffan is a Fall 2011 alumna of the Washington Journalism Center and Spring 2012 alumna of the American Studies Program! She is part of WJC’s mentoring program this semester.  Ms. Steffan works as assistant editor for start-up incubator 1776 where she creates original content about the latest trends and innovation among startups tackling regulated industries, including health, education, energy and cities.

2014-09-08 19.15.41

Dellenback Center Resident Director James Kim serves up dessert!

Orientation Week: Fall 2014

2014-08-28 10.15.57

The Fall 2014 semester is off to a great start! Students from Biola University, Bob Jones University, Emmanuel College, Gordon College, Malone University, Messiah College, Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Olivet Nazarene University, Oral Roberts University, Palm Beach Atlantic University, Point Loma Nazarene University, Seattle Pacific University, Warner Pacific College, and Whitworth University arrived August 28th–and have stayed busy ever since! From orientation to neighborhood engagement to classes to monument walking tours to community events to scavenger hunts, ASP students and their WJC classmates have been getting to know their new community in exciting ways.

2014-08-29 11.35.41

A Bus Day group presents their excursion to the rest of the class.

Kaitlyn Stump’s Bus Day group presents their excursion to the rest of the class.

The first weekend of the semester included a group scavenger hunt or “Bus Day,” giving the opportunity to explore different parts of the city.

Suzanna Bregar of Malone University said that the scavenger hunt was her favorite part of the semester so far.  “I liked that we were broken up into small groups.  It was easier to get to know people.  I also liked exploring the city, missing the bus, or waiting forever for a different bus!”

“My favorite part was the Marine Barracks parade, particularly the silent platoon,” said Kaitlyn Stump also from Malone University.  “Their discipline was extraordinary; they were so in sync without any verbal commands.”

S'mores night on the back patio [From left, Shaefer Bagwell {Biola University}, Collin Callhan {Biola University}, Trenton Pouncy {Oral Roberts University}, Chris Rednour {Mount Vernon Nazarene University}, and Justin Botejue {Whitworth University}]

S’mores night on the back patio [From left, Shaefer Bagwell {Biola University}, Collin Callahan {Biola University}, Trenton Pouncy {Oral Roberts University}, Chris Rednour {Mount Vernon Nazarene University}, and Justin Botejue {Whitworth University}]

Monument walking tour with RD James Kim

Monument walking tour with RD James Kim

Becoming part of the monument at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

Becoming part of the monument at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial


Apartment 5 organized a potluck brunch for the rest of the Dellenback!

Later this evening, ASP is attending a Nationals baseball game at Nats park.  Alexander Hayes of Warner Pacific University comments, “If you don’t have fun here, you won’t have anywhere else!”

Fall 2013 in Review: Internships

ASP students intern all over D.C. in executive agencies, research organizations and think tanks, congressional offices, development agencies, advocacy groups, law offices, business and communication firms, and museums and art organizations. By interning three days a week and reflecting on their experiences through essay assignments, they gain concrete professional experience, explore their own strengths, interests, and skills, and learn to connect their faith to their career.

A few of the Fall 2013 students shared pictures from their internships.  For a full list of internship sites in the past seven years, please click here.

Megan Morgan

Megan Morgan (Mount Vernon Nazarene University) [middle] interned for the National Women’s Political Caucus. Part of her role included researching women to endorse in political campaigns and planning NWPC’s annual event, the Exceptional Merit in Media Awards, and she had the opportunity to meet prominent women such as Congresswoman Alma Adams, Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly, and Feminist Majority political director Alice Cohan.  Megan is proud of the work that NWPC does to empower women in politics and in everyday life. {Megan and a fellow interned are pictured with program director Bettina Hager [left].}

Dirk and Olivia

Olivia Workman (Waynesburg University) [far right] and Dirk Oudman (Dordt College) [second from right] both interned for the Center for Public Justice.  Olivia assisted with the editing and production of the online journal Shared Justice and managed the CPJ social media, while Dirk supported CEO Stephanie Summers’s work with the board and constituents and wrote for Shared Justice. One of the benefits of interning with CPJ, according to Olivia and Dirk, was learning to view policy debates in light of the biblical standards of justice and grace and to see the value of understanding someone else’s point of view. {Dirk and Olivia are pictured with their CPJ supervisors, Stephanie Summers [left] and Katie Thompson [second from left].}

Sadietou Mayou (Southeastern University) interned for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Business Civic Leadership Center.  While at BCLC, she assisted the corporate relations team in developing a system for data management and worked extensively on event logistics, including the planning of BCLC’s annual conference, The Network Effect: How Business Drives Progress. Sadia is glad that her work for BCLC helped businesses bring about societal change in communities around the world.  {Sadia is pictured in front of the White House, across the street from her office at BCLC.}


Alexander Archuleta (Whitworth University) interned for the McCain Institute for International Leadership. In this role, he worked alongside the Humanitarian Action Division to assist with human trafficking projects, attended a hearing of the U.S. Helsinki Commission, participated in meetings on Capitol Hill, planned a 4-day trip to Burma focused on human trafficking, and met Cindy McCain. Alexander enjoyed interning at the McCain Institute because he got to see the impact of what he was working on and to be a part of the young organization’s growth. {Alexander and a fellow intern are pictured with Cindy McCain.}

To hear more about Alexander Archuleta’s experience at ASP, watch this fun promo video for the BestSemester programs!

Fall 2013 in Review: Public Policy Initiative

Students in the Public Policy Initiative track of ASP examine national issues through briefings and interviews with policy experts in think tanks, U.S. House and Senate offices, foreign embassies, advocacy groups, federal agencies, and international organizations.  Fall 2013’s group topic was Energy, and students spent class days out in the city as they gained on-the-ground information about energy legislation.


PPI students attended an orientation to the legislative process from Capitol Hill staffers.


Briefing at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce


Visiting the U.S. Chamber of Commerce offices, which are located across the street from the White House, is the perfect opportunity for pictures! ASP director Peter Baker [center] takes a photo with [from left] Chloe Becker (Whitworth University), Drew Grotelueschen (Trinity International University), Sadietou Mayou (Southeastern University), Tony Guidone (Trinity International University), Alexander Archuleta (Whitworth University), and Megan Morgan (Mount Vernon Nazarene University).


Briefing at the Canadian Embassy